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dateoperationsB/Gdowntime, if any
16/01/2022upgrade to 2.0.2 and PG133 minutes
03/11/2021replace reverse proxy3 minutes
19/09/2021upgrade to 1.3.27 minutes
01/08/2021purge old events8 minutes
09/07/2021upgrade to 1.2.315 minutes
27/05/2021upgrade to 1.1.413 minutes
09/04/2021upgrade to 1.1.08 minutes
08/03/2021change instance domain
remove www
30 minutes to degraded (ssl certificate issue)
12 hours to ok
08/02/2021upgrade to 1.0.67 minutes
31/01/2021upgrade to 1.0.5 failed, rollback to 1.0.320 minutes
08/01/2021reboot for security patches4 minutes
21/12/2020upgrade to 1.0.38 minutes
17/11/2020upgrade to 1.0.210 minutes
26/10/2020upgrade to 1.0.0 official15 minutes
11/07/2020install 1.0.0 beta3